Okay. Pull up a chair. It’s about to get real. You’ll dive into your relationship, get some clarity and perhaps identify a direction for you and your partner. First, you’ll answer questions about the health of your relationship, currently. There are 16 questions; these questions are designed specifically to determine differing levels of relationship satisfaction. 

Then, we’ll have you complete the Positive Relationship Quality and Negative Relationship Quality questionnaires. Low relationship satisfaction can be caused by the absence of good things in the relationship and/or the presence of too many headaches. 

After you complete these three questionnaires, you’ll get your free feedback about your relationship and where it stands. Are you ready? Let’s get ‘er done! 

1.How happy are you in your relationship, all things considered?
2.In general, how often do you think that things between you and your partner are going well?
3.Our relationship is Strong:
4.My relationship with my partner makes me happy.
5.I have a warm and comfortable relationship with my partner.
6.I really feel like a part of a team with my partner.
7.How rewarding is your relationship with your partner?
8.How well does your partner meet your needs?
9.To what extent has your relationship met your original expectations?
10.In general, how satisfied are you with your relationship?
11.For each of the following items, select the answer that best describes how you feel about your relationship. Base your responses on your first impressions and immediate feelings about the item.

Is your relationship Interesting (5) or Boring (0)?
12.Good (5) or Bad (0)?
13.Sturdy (5) or Fragile (0)?
14.Hopeful (5) or Discouraging (0)?
15.Enjoyable (5) or Miserable (0)?
16.Full (5) or Empty (0)?
17.Considering only the positive qualities of your relationship and IGNORING the negative ones, evaluate your relationship on the following qualities.

How Enjoyable is it?
18.How Pleasant is it?
19.How Strong is it?
20.How Alive is it?
21.Considering only the negative qualities of your relationship and IGNORING the positive ones, evaluate your relationship on the following qualities.

How Bad is it?
22.How Miserable is it?
23.How Empty is it?
24.How Lifeless is it?