AASECT Sex Therapy Supervision

Your Journey

Over the course of my career as a counselor educator, clinical supervisor and therapist, I have found great personal and professional satisfaction in supporting new and seasoned clinicians develop their skills. I look forward to supporting you, too. Here’s how!

Increased Competence,
Increased Effectiveness

Topics with which you can help others in sex therapy include the following:
  • Increasing low libido and desire,
  • Healing from infidelity,
  • Soothing distressed couples,
  • Managing infertility,
  • Reconciling being single,
  • Loving your sexual orientation,
  • Improving sexual health,
  • Overcoming orgasmic disorders,
  • Relieving painful sex,
  • Addressing erectile problems,
  • Healing from sexual trauma,
  • Creating a new normal after medical issues impact sexuality (e.g., cancer, medication side-effects),
  • Rising above distressing sexual urges and fantasies,
  • Defining changing roles and expectations (e.g., kink, polyamory),
    and many other concerns that happy, successful clients did not think were “something I can get help with.”


My supervisees may meet with me via face-to-face or using the HIPAA compliant platform, VSEE.

1 hour

$ 150

1 Hour Group Supervision

$ 75