Forensic Services

Whether you need a mental health evaluation for employment or because the legal system has come knocking, you’ve come to the right place to receive an unbiased, evidence-informed evaluation.


  • Sexology & Forensic Sexology
  • WPATH Assessments for Hormone and Gender Affirming Surgery
  • Sex Offender Evaluations and Treatment
  • General Evaluations
  • Forensic Mental Health Evaluations
  • Child Custody Evaluations


A Note from Dr. Tom

My favorite part about being a forensic sexologist is how I can provide answers to better inform the courts, attorneys, and clients on the mental health and psychosexual problems and risks, as well as offering empirically-supported recommendations.

Dr. Tom Murray

“Whether consulting with attorneys, providing expert opinions for case reviews, or conducting psychosexual and mental health evaluations, my clients trust that they’ll get professional opinions that are rooted in empirical evidence and the latest scientific knowledge. ”

— Dr. Tom Murray

Method and Fees

Face-to-Face or Virtual

Meetings are held either face-to-face or using the HIPAA compliant platform, VSEE.


Forensic Psychosexual Evaluation: $3000.00

Social Investigation/Parenting Plan $6000.00

Consultation Fee — $200.00/hour

Telephone/Email — $200.00/hour (based on 15-minute blocks)

Expert Testimony (Local) $500.00/hour (3-hour minimum to be paid no later than 2-weeks prior to trial

Expert testimony (Outside of County) — $5000.00/day plus all expenses accrued during travel

Deposition $500.00/hour (3-hour minimum to be paid no later than 2-weeks prior to deposition. (2-hour minimum if held in provider’s office).


Sex Offender Treatment Program

Intake Interview — $200.00

Individual/Family Session (55-min) — $170.00

Therapy Group (1.5 hours) $50.00/Group

Psychoeducational Group —  $50.00/Group

Client Documentation Request $50.00$200.00

Polygraph Examination $350$500.00

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