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Making Nice With Naughty

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Why this Book is Written for You!

This book is designed for individuals who feel something missing in their sex life and want to live life fully. They innately know that sexual health is an essential part of their experience of being human, and they want to reduce sexual inhibitions and find ways to make nice with naughty. Many of these patients come to the book because they are anxious and depressed about their sex life, feeling sexually blocked, self-conscious, and sexually constrained. They want to claim their right to sexual pleasure and fulfillment, and the author shares their story of burying their feelings, which is especially true for sexual energy.

Feelings of being sexually bottled up are why you’re here. Parts of you want to be free, or your partner has become resentful and complained that they want more sex than you. On the surface, you agree with them, but there’s something more at play. It’s that innate understanding that you’ve been missing out that drove you to pick up this book—a knowing that sexuality is an integral, meaningful part of your life and your partner’s life.

You’re also deeply aware that your intimate relationship suffers, and you’ve lost the sex drive you once had. You’re often frustrated in your ability to express yourself sexually, perhaps even afraid. You want to become more spontaneous, but something is holding you back. You want to find out what that something is and make nice with it so you can express and find enjoyment in your sexuality again.

The author doesn’t profess to have a prescription that will cure your overcontrolled temperament. There are not enough drugs or therapy in the world that will make you under-controlled, and it may be that way for you. However, they’ve worked to identify contexts where you can turn down your overcontrolledness to get more of what you want.

The book offers a context for understanding your overcontrolled temperament (OC) and helping you make sense of it so that you can get to the nub of why you have the experiences you’re having. Trust your observations of your behaviors and experiences compared to the common traits of OC people and the real-life stories of patients described throughout the book. Their experiences with the world around them are authentic, and you may discover that their experiences resonate with your own.

The Overcontrolled Temperament

Too much self-control, also known as the Overcontrolled Temperament, is characterized by the following core traits:

  • Not being open to new, strange, and unexpected experiences;
  • tendency to avoid uncertainty;
  • being risk-averse;
  • threat sensitivity and hypervigilance.
  • Compulsive need for structure and order;
  • hyperperfectionism;
  • rigid rule-governed behavior;
  • high moral certitude;
  • the strong belief in what “should be, must be, has to be.”
  • Flat or neutral face; not easily excited;
  • avoiding vulnerability;
  • saying “fine” when things aren’t fine;
  • pride in having a “stable mood.”
  • Feeling alone and that nobody quite gets you or understands you;
  • comparing yourself to others;
  • feeling envious and bitter.


Discover How too much Self-control can Ruin your Sex Life and Find Powerful Solutions.

Commons Sexual Problems of Overcontrolled People: Are you experiencing low sexual desire, emotional distance from your partner, sexual performance anxiety, sexual perfectionism, anorgasmia, sexual dysfunction, or sexual pain disorders?

Then you owe it to yourself to read Making Nice with Naughty. An Intimacy Guide for the Rule-Following, Organized, Perfectionist, Practical, and Color-Within-The-Line Types.

You’re not alone. Millions of folks, just like you, struggle with relaxing and being playful during sex. For them, naughty has gotten a bad rap and represents so much of what you’ve come to avoid: mystery, unpredictability, the unfamiliar, and uncertainty. Yet, these features are essential to acquiring a meaningful and fulfilling sex life.

Get Sage Advice From a Leading Sexologist. It’s time to make nice with naughty! Utilizing several innovative and effective psychotherapies, including Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dr. Thomas L. Murray, Jr. takes you on an eye-opening journey, using humor and directness, to help you get what you want: a more fulfilling sex life.

Here’s why you’ll love this guide:

  • Discover how (too much) self-control underlies many sexual and relationship problems.
  • Reconnect with your partner using the power of vulnerability.
  • Experience Freedom from Old Patterns of Thinking.
  • Change your relationship with anxiety and embrace uncertainty.
  • Learn To Reduce Negative Self-Talk.
  • Enjoy Greater Psychological Flexibility.
  • Apply New and Powerful Mindfulness Techniques.
  • Discover A Better Sex Life That’s Pleasure-Based Rather Than Performance-Based.
  • And more!

Don’t be left behind, and get practical professional advice to reduce the negative impact of having too much self-control. Making Nice with Naughty is the perfect book for healing the inner suffering of over-controlled people who tend to be rule-oriented and psychologically rigid in ways that interfere with their ability to have rewarding and satisfying sex. Start a transformational journey today!

Are you ready?