An Interview by Rebecca Wong, host of “Practice of Being Seen.”

Dr. Tom Murray

An Interview by Rebecca Wong, host of “Practice of Being Seen.”

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In December 2017, Rebecca Wong of Practice of Being Seen interviewed me about marriage, increasing intimacy vs closeness, and my approach–carefrontation. You’ll learn more about what my clients can expect when working with me.

Carefrontation: Dr. Murray’s approach.

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Tom tells Rebecca about his “carefrontational” approach with clients and how he helps them to see where they’re creating their own suffering.  They discuss the difference between post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth, moving with the flow of life versus living in resistance, how our realities disprove the messaging of our default consciousness, and the differences between intimacy and closeness.  Tom and Rebecca exchange thoughts on selficide, monogamy, the #metoo movement, and the only deep knowing we can ever really have.

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Dr. Tom Murray

I support you to make that difference happen. More, I’m like a coach for elite athletes who pushes clients towards their potential and get results. Hiring me, know that I don’t hold back. You can expect your sessions to be a true give and take; never the dreaded death stare. I aim to make your minutes with me be impactful. I’m TEAM-YOU, all the way!

My life experiences and extensive training have culminated into an approach influenced by Buddhist psychology, the Work of Byron Katie; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, as well as Gottman Method Couples Therapy. The latter of which is an empirically informed approach to heal relationships. Ultimately, I seek to personalize an approach that fits with your idea of how change could happen in your life.

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