Online Therapy Made Easy and Convenient

Mobile Online Therapy Session On Phone

You want support, but it’s a challenge to make time to get away to a therapist’s office on a schedule. Now, we come to you via secure online video call from where ever is most convenient to you!

Here, online, you can meet with your licensed professional mental health provider. Using this technology allows you to talk to your online therapist where ever you have an internet connection.

Our practice uses VSee. It was created from the need to provide professional and confidential mental health services to a global community using  secure online therapy through technology.

NOTICE: At the time of the session, you must be physically in Oregon, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts or Outside the US to use our Online Therapy Service.

Sex Therapy

Sex is suppose to be the spice of life but your sex-life tastes bland.  Sex therapy specifically focuses on removing psychological, physical, and relationship obstacles to increase overall sexual satisfaction.

Couples Counseling

Feeling like roommates? Questioning whether it’s worth it? Our couples get the clarity they need by using the science of love & our tell-it-like-it-is methods. We put couples on a solid path forward.

Personal Therapy

You’re busy and need support. Yet, your busy schedule and desire for discretion seem like obstacles. No more. Get the answers you need to move your life in the direction of your dreams.

Your Team of Online Therapists

Our favorite part about being therapists is how much of a difference we make and how quickly. Some of our most successful clients were only in need of some education and some understanding. Our aim is for you to see benefit quickly, to watch the pieces fall into place for lasting results. These effects makes us love doing what we do.