Sex Addiction and My Near Run in with Piers Morgan

Sex Addiction and Piers Morgan

Back in October, 2017, while attending a professional conference in Denver, my phone showed a message from London. The inaudible message lasted only a few seconds. I figured it was spam. A day or two later, I received another call from London. This time, a longer, clearer message was left. Good Morning, Britain with Piers Morgan Piers Morgan Sex Addiction Good Morning Britainreached out to me for my views on sex addiction. You’ll recall that this was the height of the Harvey Weinstein affair.

Good morning, London producer asked whether I’d like to debate another British sex therapist who believed in the validity of the concept. I was eager.

Through a series of emails and  phone calls, my good friend, Cindy and I were to be picked up by a limo at 11:30 PM to take us to a Denver-based studio for a 12:10 AM taping, which would broadcast live for across their viewing area.

At 11:00 PM, I looked at my phone and saw another email from the show. It informed me that my spot had be bumped due to the very unusual hurricane that was headed toward the UK. This news, appropriately so, would be the story for the morning. And, so, also went, my near run in with Piers Morgan.

Nevertheless, I was curious as to how they got my contact information. This past week, I found an October article from the UK’s Daily Mail that cited several of my quotes, along side my colleague, David Ley. I suspect that’s how Good Morning, Britain learned about me.

Read the piece below for a taste of my views on the concept of sex addiction.

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