Lelos, Teasers, and Ben Wa Balls – Oh My! Baby Boomers and Sex Toys


Baby Boomers: Get Your Groove Back

When we were in our teens and twenties, the thought of “old people” (anyone over 30) having sex, much less 

enjoying it, made us go “EWWWWWWW!” and try not to picture it. Well, fifty years later, we are those people, and there is no reason we can’t enjoy sex as much as we did way back when!

Back in my day…

We were the first generation to have female role models who did not embody Donna Reed or June Cleaver. We shed our bras, had one-night stands, and experienced a whole new level of sexual freedom thanks to the Pill. We danced to disco songs with titles like Love to Love You, Baby, Push, Push in the Bush, and So Many Men So Little Time that celebrated sex with no commitments. Who knew sex wouldn’t always be as available and enjoyable as it was back then?

Not tonight, dear…

As Baby Boomers, we’ve digressed from enjoying sex any time, any where to finding any excuse not to participate! Feigning headaches, backaches, extreme cases of exhaustion –any excuse not to engage in an activity that is often not only unenjoyable, but frequently downright painful! Why? Because we may have medical conditions or other things happening to our bodies as we age that get in the way, but for every problem there is a solution.

Creating your toolbox

Most sex toys are marketing specifically for younger women, and that makes it difficult to know where to start.  My number one recommendation? LUBE! No, not the stuff your mechanic uses –the unsung savior of older women. It enhances masturbation, the use of sex toys, intercourse, and even nonsexual foreplay like massages. It can turn painful sex into gainful sex more easily than anything else I know of!

My second must have for your sexual tool kit? Bullet vibrators with simulation sleeves –these bad boys can amp up any sexual situation, whether you are flying solo or with your mate. These little sex toys are equal opportunity employers! Speaking of vibrators, not many Boomers are inclined to own a 14” florescent glow in the dark purple dildo! For the novice or the seasoned expert, I’d recommended a pleasure product like the Lelo, small and discrete, yet packing extreme pleasure.  Dame also makes products specifically designed for female pleasure.

Boom Boom Boomers

As older women, we must always remember that sexual pleasure should be lifelong, not just the stuff of our reminiscing.  While we may need to be a bit more creative and prepared, great sex with or without a partner is just a sex toy away!

Baby bummer sex





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