Older Black Couple taking a selfie

Embracing Sexual Freedom at Any Age

Sexual freedom at any age is a vital pursuit. Yet, if you’re like many, there was a time, the mere thought of “older people” engaging in and enjoying sex was enough to send shivers down the spines of the younger

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Closeness Intimacy Kudzu of Marriage

The Kudzo of Marriage: Closeness.

The Slow Creep of Kudzo If you’re from North Carolina or have lived here for some time, you’ve likely seen Kudzu taking over various parts of the State. Kudzo is an invasive plant brought to the US from Asia during

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Closeness Gay couple counseling in Greensboro

Give up closeness to have more intimacy

As we delve into the nuanced realms of human connection, it becomes imperative to distinguish between two concepts often used interchangeably: closeness and intimacy. While they may appear similar at a glance, understanding their distinct differences is crucial for fostering

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Bringing Baby Home Workshop

Bringing Baby Home

Seventy-five percent (75%) of couples experience a significant decline in relationship satisfaction during the first three years of parenting. Often, many don’t recover from the decline. Protect your relationship with BBH program. “Bringing home a baby is one of the

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I support you to make that difference happen. More, I’m like a coach for elite athletes who pushes clients towards their potential and get results. Hiring me, know that I don’t hold back. You can expect your sessions to be a true give and take; never the dreaded death stare. I aim to make your minutes with me be impactful. I’m TEAM-YOU, all the way!

My life experiences and extensive training have culminated into an approach influenced by Buddhist psychology, the Work of Byron Katie; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, as well as Gottman Method Couples Therapy. The latter of which is an empirically informed approach to heal relationships. Ultimately, I seek to personalize an approach that fits with your idea of how change could happen in your life.